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AP Biology Endotherm & Ectotherm 1) Endotherm (BMR) and Ectotherm (SMR) - Metabolic rate: The amount of energy being used by animal in a unit of time (cal, kcal) - We do not use “cold-blooded” and “warm-blooded” to describe endotherm and ectotherm ever in biology because they are way too misleading - If the ecothermic animal is drawn from warm-water that has constantly high temperature, that will not be an endotherm. This is why we need to avoid using body temperature to describe ectotherm and endotherm a) Endotherm Regulators (Animals that use internal control to moderate change through the mechanism called homeostasis) Types of animals that regulate their heats on their own For instance, mammals and birds. Their metabolic rates are measured by BMR BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the metabolic rate of a non-growing organism that is at rest. In other words, the rate of energy being consumed when the organisms do
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Unformatted text preview: nothing b) Ectotherm Conformers (Animals that use environment to moderate change) Types of animals that depend on their heat conditions to the environment. For instance, fishes and reptiles. Their metabolic rates are measured by SMR. SMR (Standard Metabolic Rate) is the metabolic rate of a nongrowing organism that is at rest. But, this is measured at very particular, specific temperature. 2) Heat Exchange: 4 Physical Main Processes Animal needs to gain or lose heat regardless of whether the animal is endotherm or ectotherm a) Radiation = Direct absorption of heat from the electromagnetic waves (suns). b) Convection = The transfer of heat by the movement of air c) Conduction = Direct transfer of heat by the movement of surface (such as rock). d) Evaporation = Major process of removing of heat through the loss of water as gas; heat is absorbed....
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