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Human's Thermoregulation

Human's Thermoregulation - this will help to trap heat c...

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AP Biology Human’s Thermoregulation 1) Human is mainly endotherm & conformer (an animal which controls its heat on their own) 2) Set point is 36-38 Celsius; this is controlled by hypothalamus (thermostat) 3) If the body temperature is way too low, a) Body tries to generate “heat” b) Vasoconstriction (Blood vessels get smaller to minimize the movement of heat;
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Unformatted text preview: this will help to trap heat.) c) Skeletal muscles rapidly contract – shivering 4) If the body temperature is way too high, a) Body tries to lose “heat” b) Vasodilatation (Blood vessels get larger to maximize the movement of heat; this will help to lose lots of heat.) c) Sweat glands secrete sweat (heat will be lost as evaporation occurs)...
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