Endocrine System & Hormones

Endocrine System & Hormones - e Very slow response...

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AP Biology Endocrine System & Hormones 1) Endocrine System = The internal system of communication involving hormones a) The ductless glands secrete hormones into interstitial fluid (blood stream) b) Interact with nervous system c) Maintain internal regulation and homeostasis 2) Hormones = Chemical messengers that control the certain set point a) (regulate cellular function) b) Modified amino acids, peptides, or steroid molecules. c) Carried by the circulatory system. d) Specific biological responses from target cells
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Unformatted text preview: e) Very slow response f) Can’t be used to communicate between different organisms. g) Work directly on the target cell – a cell containing receptors. h) The same hormone may have multiple different effects on target cells that have Different receptors for the hormone Different signal transduction pathways Different proteins for carrying out the response i) Feedback mechanism can cause the amount of hormones....
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