Structures of Neurons

Structures of - e Axon Hillock = A part where electrical signal is generated = Connects soma(cell body and axon f Presynaptic cell = A neuron that

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AP Biology Structures of Neurons - Neurons = the most, basic functional unit of the nervous system. * Chemical signal = Neurotransmitters * Electrical signal = Voltage-gated channels - Parts of Neurons a) Dendrites = Receive signals by ion-gated channels; very branch structure b) Axons = Sends signals from cell body by voltage-gated channels c) Soma (Cell Body) = Contains nucleus and organelles d) Myelin sheath = Fatty tissue (Adipose) that increases the speed of signals
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Unformatted text preview: e) Axon Hillock = A part where electrical signal is generated = Connects soma (cell body) and axon f) Presynaptic cell = A neuron that gives out the signal g) Postsynaptic cell = A neuron that receives the signal h) Synapse = A tiny, little gap between presynaptic cell and postsynaptic cell = Chemical communication occurs through here -Glial Cells (=Glue Cells) = Support the overall nervous system = Provide nutrients & control extracellular fluid...
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