2) Alternation of Generations

2) Alternation of Generations - f) Sporophyte is a part of...

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AP Biology Alternation of Generations 1) Alternation of Generations = All plants have a life cycle with two multicellular stages a) Haploid gametophyte is a part of the plant that produces gametes (such as sperms or eggs) by undergoing mitosis b) Fertilization from gametophytes results in diploid zygote c) Sporophyte undergoes meiosis to produce haploid spores d) Spores develop into haploid gametophyte e) Spores are produced in sporangia, a part of sporophyte
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Unformatted text preview: f) Sporophyte is a part of the plant that produces spores by undergoing meiosis g) Haploid spores are things made from sporophyte, which results in the formation of gametophytes 2) Here is a general overview of alternation of generations. There will be some modifications depending on the type of the plants. <Figure 1> Alternations of Generation...
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