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3) Adaptations of Land Plants - 4 Apical Meristems a Apical...

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AP Biology Adaptations of Land plants - Land plants (Embryophytes) are really similar to the green algae called charophytes; they have common ancestors and that is why. - Exploring Derived Traits of land Plants 1) Alternation of Generations & Multicellular Dependent Embryos a) All land plants alternate between two generations: gametophytes and sporophytes b) Unlike other life cycle, sporophyte and gametophyte are dependent upon one another 2) Walled Spores Produced in Sporangia a) Spores = Haploid reproductive cells that can grow into multicellular haploid gametophyte b) Sporopollen = Pollen that makes the plant spores tough and resistant to the harsh environment c) Sporangia = Sporocytes (diploid cells) undergo meiosis and generate haploid spores 3) Multicellular Gametangia a) Two types of gametangia: antheridia for male & archegonia for female
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Apical Meristems a) Apical Meristems = Localized regions of cell division at the tips of shoots and roots (covered by epidermis) b) Significance = It will increase exposure to the environmental resource (water and minerals) and elongate the plants c) They are differentiated into other parts (give rise to more complexity) -Other Adaptations a) Cuticle = waxy polymers that cover the outside of the epidermis of plants; prevent from desiccation (water proofing) and microbial infection b) Mycorrhizae = symbiotic relationship with roots (a type of fungus); mycorrhizal fungi form extensive networks of filaments and plants absorb nutrients more efficiently c) Secondary Compounds = bitter taste & strong order (toxic effect); defend against herbivores and parasites...
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