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7) Life Cycle of Gymnosperms - • Microspores → pollen...

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AP Biology Life Cycle of Gymnosperm 1) Brief Overview of Key Features of Gymnosperms a) Naked-seed (on the cones) b) Windblown seed; therefore relatively light seeds c) Fertilization occurs only once, which means double fertilization does not occur 2) Key Terms a) Megasporangia = produce megaspores that give rise to female gametophytes b) Microsporangia = produce microspores that give rise to male gametophytes
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Unformatted text preview: • Microspores → pollen grains → pollen tube (male gametophytes) → sperms c) Ovule = It consists of megasporangium, megaspore, and protective integuments d) Pollination =Transfer of pollen to the part of a seed plant containing the ovules 3) Generalized Life Cycle (Pine Trees) – Figure 1 <Figure 1> Life Cycles of Pine Tree...
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