9) Fruits - b Examples = strawberries blackberries and...

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AP Biology Fruits - Fruits = A well-developed ovary by hormonal change after fertilization for mainly dispersion Led to the success of the angiosperms along with flowers 1) Simple Fruit – Figure 1 a) A simple fruit develops from a single carpel or several fused carpels b) It has a single ovary with multiples of fertilized ovules inside c) Examples = peas, lemons, and peanuts 2) Aggregate Fruit – Figure 2 a) An aggregate fruit develops from multiples of separate carpels of one flower
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Unformatted text preview: b) Examples = strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries 3) Multiple Fruit – Figure 3 a) A multiple fruit developes from multiples of carpels from multiples flowers b) Examples = pneapples, and figs 4) Accessory Fruit – Figure 4 a) A fruit that develops largely from tissues other than the ovary – such as receptacle b) Example = apples <Figure 1> Simple Fruit <Figure 2> Aggregate Fruit <Figure 3> Multiple Fruit <Figure 4> Accessory Fruit...
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