21) Nutrients in Plants

21) Nutrients in Plants - e) When there is overwatering or...

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AP Biology Plant’s Nutrients and Soil 1) Soils = Hold the plants in space and a source of water and minerals 2) Mechanisms: How the Plants Absorb Minerals – Figure 1 a) Transport proteins are vital to transport nutrients (see other notes) Ion channels (passive transporters) Pumps (primary active transporters) Co-transporters (secondary active transporters) b) Soil particles are negatively charged and the cations are easily attracted to the soil particles c) When the hydrogen ions are pumped by the plant roots, the hydrogen ions will replace the cations and take away those cations (Cation exchange) d) Those cations will be co-transported with the hydrogen ions into the root cells
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Unformatted text preview: e) When there is overwatering or raining seasons, the water will generally wash way the anions since they are not bound to the soil because of the same electrical charges and therefore electrostatic repulsion 3) Hydroponic Culture = Plants are grown in mineral solutions without soil Figure 2 a) We can determine whether certain mineral is essential by comparing the controls with the non-existed ones b) If the omitted mineral is essential, mineral deficiency symptoms occur <Figure 1> - Soil Particles & Root Hairs <Figure 2> - Hydroponic Culture...
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21) Nutrients in Plants - e) When there is overwatering or...

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