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23) Other Hormones - stress(closes stomata a When there is...

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AP Biology Other Plant Hormones 1) Cytokinins = Cell division and apical dominance 2) Gibberellins (GA) = Differentiations of other cells during normal growths a) After the imbibition of water, the embryo releases GA b) This GA sends the signal to the aleurone (thin outer layer of the endosperm) to break dormancy and germinate c) The digestive enzymes (amylase) are released from the aleurone and they hydrolyze nutrients stored in the endosperms d) Sugars and other nutrients are consumed during growth of the embryo into a seedling 3) Abscisic Acid (ABA) = Seed dormancy and drought tolerance, resistance to drought
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Unformatted text preview: stress (closes stomata) a) When there is not enough ABA, the seeds can possibly germinate while on the tree 4) Ethylene (Gaseous Hormones, C 2 H 4 ) = Fruit Ripening, Leaf/Petal abscission, and seedling elongation and other things a) High concentration (Triple Response) Stem elongation Stem thickening Horizontal stem growth b) ein mutant = fails to undergo the triple response in the presence of ethylene c) ctr Mutant = undergoes the triple response even in the absence of ethylene...
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