Chapter 42 (Respiration) Notes - RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Oxygen...

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RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Oxygen Delivery System Supply the blood with oxygen for delivery to all parts of the body and remove carbon dioxide SINUSES - hollow spaces in the bones of the head. Small openings connect them to the nasal cavity. Function: help regulate the temperature and humidity of air breathed in, lighten the bone structure of the head, and give resonance to the voice. NASAL CAVITY (nose) - preferred entrance for outside air into the Respiratory System. Hairs lining the inside wall are part of the air-cleansing system. Air can also enter through the ORAL CAVITY (mouth), PHARYNX (throat) -collects incoming air from the nose and passes it downward to the trachea (windpipe). EPIGLOTTIS = flap of tissue that guards the entrance to the trachea, closing when anything is swallowed that should go into the esophagus and stomach. LARYNX (voice box) contains the vocal cords.Air being breathed in and out creates voice sounds. TRACHEA (windpipe) = the passage leading from the pharynx to the lungs which divides into the two main
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Chapter 42 (Respiration) Notes - RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Oxygen...

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