Chapter 53 Notes (Community Ecology)

Chapter 53 Notes (Community Ecology) - Chapter 53 Notes...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 53 Notes (Community Ecology) AP Biology & Honors Human Anatomy 1. The Definition of Community a. Community: An assemblage of populations of various species living close enough for potential interaction 2. Interspecific Interactions a. Interspecific interactions: any interactions that affect the survival and reproduction of the species engaged in the interaction. b. It can be +/-: Positive or negative effect, c. Different types of interactions i. Competition (-/-) Interspecific competition occurs when species compete for a particular resource that is in short supply. Strong competition can lead to competitive exclusion. The local elimination (reduction) of one of the two competing species. Even a slight reproductive advantage will eventually lead to the elimination (reduction) of inferior species. Competitive Exclusion Principle- Two species competing for the same limiting resources cannot coexist in the same place.- Therefore, two species cannot occupy the same niche according to this theory. Ecological Niche- The total of an organisms use of the biotic and abiotic resources in its environment.- The niche concept allows restatement of the competitive exclusion principle Two species cannot coexist in a community if their niches are identical.- As a result of competition, a species fundamental niche may be different from its realized niche. Resource partitioning - The slight variations (differentiation) of niches that enables similar species to coexist in a community....
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Chapter 53 Notes (Community Ecology) - Chapter 53 Notes...

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