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Learning objectives, Intro Biology 152, Ecology section (Turner, Fall 2011, Week 5) Lecture 13 –Climate change (Supplemental content, not just examples, is in the Powerpoint file for this lecture, so make sure you have that.) What do scientists understand about global climate change, and is it real? Key concepts Earth’s climate has changed a lot in the past 500,000 yrs, and species’ distributions have changed in response to those climate changes. Global climate is changing now, and there is no scientific disagreement about that conclusion. Effects of global warming are most pronounced at high latitudes. Change in global climate cannot be explained without considering the effects of human activities, especially inputs of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Learning objectives Understand the Greenhouse Effect, why it’s natural and why/how it’s enhanced. Understand the current scientific conclusions about climate change and ecological responses related to climate.
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LearnObject_MGT2011_Lec13to14 - Learning objectives, Intro...

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