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Chapter 51-54 Notes (Ecology) - Ecology(10 I Ecosystems a...

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Ecology (10%) I. Ecosystems a. Autotrophs: Utilize a chemical or light energy to synthesize organic compounds b. Heterotrophs: Need to eat other organisms to obtain organic molecules c. Trophic Levels: i. Loss of energy 1. Excretion 2. Not everything is eaten 3. Heat loss ii. Loss of 90% at each level Plants Primary Consumers Secondary Consumers Tertiary Decom posers d. Primary Productivity: Rate at which energy is stored in organic matters
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e. Biomes: Communities i. Tropical Rainforest 1. Huge amount of rainfall 2. Most diverse in species 3. Near the equator 4. Lots of Decomposers ii. Tropical Savannah 1. Not too much water 2. Grasslands with scattered small trees 3. i.e. Africa iii. Desert 1. Very little water 2. Succulents: Plants that have strategies to minimize water Loss a. Thick cuticles on leaves b. Spines c. Closed stomates during the day iv. Temperate Forest 1. Moderate amounts of water 2. Moderate temperatures 3. Forests and trees v. Temperate Shrubland 1. Little or no summer rains 2. Chaparrals: Shrubs 3.
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