First Midterm - (1) Both education and experience enable...

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(1) Both education and experience enable managers to recognize and develop the personal skills they need to put organizational resources to their best use. Research has shown that education and experience help managers acquire and develop THREE types of skills. What are they with some explanation from your part? (6 points) Conceptual Skills Human Skills Technical Skills (2) Henry Mintzberg , by following managers around and observing what they actually do-hour by hour and day by day-identified 10 kinds of specific roles, or set of job responsibilities that capture the dynamic nature of managerial work. What are these three types and what roles are listed under each category or type? (10 points) Decisional Entrepreneur Disturbance Handler Resource Allocator Negotiator Interpersonal Figurehead Leader Liaison Informational Monitor Disseminator Spokesperson (3) What is management? Explain the term. In the past, management textbooks and literature used to mention so many functions and tasks of
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managers. Now, it was reduced to only four essential functions or tasks. List and explain in some detail these four functions. (10 points) Management: The planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals efficiently and effectively. Planning Organizing Leading Controlling (4) Managers who accept the assumptions of McGregor's Theory X are likely to design a very different work situation than managers who accept the assumptions of Theory Y. Discuss how managers who are committed to Theory X assumptions are likely to organize their work environment in terms of their relationships with their subordinates. (10 points)
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First Midterm - (1) Both education and experience enable...

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