Second Midterm - MATCHING TYPE The following multiple...

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MATCHING TYPE The following multiple choice questions contain 42 statements and each has 5 possible answers. Only one of these choices is correct. Read the questions carefully, and circle the corresponding letter i.e.: A, B, C, D, or E, on your question sheet that you think is the correct answer. (2 points each) 1. When a plant supervisor orders some raw materials whenever his raw materials inventory reaches a certain point, this is an example of which type of decision? A) Intuition B) Satisficing C) Nonprogrammed D) Programmed E) Groupthink 2. A manager's ability to make a good decision based on past experience and "a gut feeling" is known as: A) A programmed decision. B) A nonprogrammed decision. C) A heuristically decision. D) An intuitive decision. E) The illusion of control. 3. According to the administrative model of decision making, if managers cannot possibly specify all of the possible alternatives to a decision, this is the result of: A) Incomplete information. B) Bounded rationality. C) An optimum decision. D) Brainstorming. E) None of the above. 4. An organization decides to ask three advertising agencies to pitch a proposal to handle the organization's business, instead of asking all of the advertising agencies in the city where this organization's headquarters are located to pitch the account. What type of decision does this represent? A) Programmed B) Nonprogrammed C) Satisficing D) Certainty E) Illusion of control 5. The explosion of the space shuttle Challenger is an example of poor managerial decision-making where managers neglected the criterion of: A) Ethicalness B) Practicality C) Legality D) Economic feasibility E) devil's advocacy
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6. Escalating commitment to a managerial decision could ignore evidence that the project is: A) Impractical. B) Illegal. C) Unethical. D) Uneconomical. E) all of the above. 7. A group of managers meets face-to-face and generates and debates a wide variety of alternatives from which to make a decision. This is called: A) Delphi technique B) Dialectical inquiry C) Brainstorming D) Nominal group technique E) Programmed decision making 8. The cluster of decisions that managers make to assist the organization to achieve its goals is known as: A) Strategy. B) Scenario planning. C) SWOT analysis. D) Diversification. E) Related diversification. 9. Which type of strategy states the methods that a division within an organization will use to compete against its rivals in the industry? A) Functional-level strategy B) Departmental-level strategy C) Corporate-level strategy D) Business-level strategy E) None of the above 10. A formal, written guide to action for managers in an organization is known as: A) A policy. B) A rule. C)
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Second Midterm - MATCHING TYPE The following multiple...

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