Exam 2 - Exam 2 (5 points for each correct multiple choice...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 2 (5 points for each correct multiple choice answer; 100 total points) 1. A problem associated with using only rational decision-making style is: a. it assumes there are no time or cost constraints in decision-making b. it uses a long time horizon c. it relies on feelings d. it assumes there are costs other than economic 2. A leadership style emphasizing task orientation would usually be represented by a leader who: a. is considerate of employees b. puts consideration of employees second to task accomplishment c. takes employees to lunch d. earns higher returns on investments 3. Which is NOT characteristic of the transformational or connective leader: a. focuses on developing followers b. has charisma c. has a less than ideal style of leadership d. has an energizing vision that people want to follow 4. According to the Womens Research and Education Institute, at current rates it would take how about how many years for women to achieve economic integration at every organizational level? _______________ 5. Whats a form of invisible diversity? ______________________ 6. Which of the following is a way to improve diversity in career development? a. mentoring b. CEO speeches c. task forces on diversity d. press releases 7. The stage of a team process that involves task accomplishment is: a. forming b. storming c. norming d. performing 8. Structure is essentially about: a. power and organizational relationship b. getting the job done c. how to strategize internally d. functions 1 9. Which of the following is NOT typical for top managers: a. they answer to a Board of Directors or other authority b. they hire or fire top managers c. they formulate strategic decisions...
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Exam 2 - Exam 2 (5 points for each correct multiple choice...

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