jusur 6 - against food poisoning claims. The insurance...

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Unit 6 ( Financial industry structure ( 1*Insurance company assets will include: Stocks and bonds. 2 *The growth of international banking has: Enhanced economic growth in many countries. 3*Citigroup is an example of: A financial holding company. 4*The dual banking system in the U.S. today refers to: The ability of banks to be either federally or state chartered. 5* Eurodollars are: Dollar-denominated deposits in foreign banks. 6*Which of the following is not a nondepository institution? A saving and loan. 7*Which of the following is an example of the economics of scale argument for increased profits for large financial holding companies? Financial holding companies need only one CEO, one Board of Directors, and one accounting system regardless of size. 8* Unit banks are: Banks with no branches. 9*An insurance company provides liability insurance to a restaurant protecting the owner against claims from customers. One area of coverage is protections
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Unformatted text preview: against food poisoning claims. The insurance company may periodically send an employee into the restaurant to observe food preparation and food storage processes. The insurance company is trying to avoid: Moral hazard. 10*Bank holding companies developed: to get around the limitations on bank branching. 11*A typical automobile insurance policy is an example of: Property and casualty insurance. 12*Over the last twenty years in the U.S , the number of banks has: Steadily decreased. 13*When compared to Canada or Japan, the U.S is unusual in that it has: More banks than either Japan or Canada. Unit 6 ( Financial industry structure ( 14* In the early years of the Great Depression, 1929-1933: More than a third of all U.S. banks failed 15* 2 types : life insurance and property and casualty....
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jusur 6 - against food poisoning claims. The insurance...

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