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pset6 - Physics 260 Problem Set 6 due Tuesday November 8 at...

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Physics 260, Problem Set 6 due: Tuesday, November 8 at Noon Please place your completed problem sets in the “Physics 260” box in the physics department mailroom (Rutherford 103b). You are encouraged to discuss these problems with your colleagues, but you must write up your own solutions; the solutions you hand in should reflect your own work and understanding. Late problem sets will be penalized 10% per day late, unless an extension has been obtained from me or a TA before the due date. Reading : Chapters 17 and 18 of Bernstein et al. 1. Consider a spherical planet of mass M and radius R . Using standard Newtonian gravity, compute the escape velocity of this planet (i.e. how fast an object would have to be shot upwards from the planet’s surface with constant velocity in order to escape from the planet’s gravitational pull). For what value of R does the escape velocity equal the speed of light? How does this value of R compare to the Schwarzschild radius?
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