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Physics 260, Problem Set 4 due: Tuesday, October 12 at Noon Please place your completed problem sets in the “Physics 260” box in the physics department mailroom (Rutherford 103b). You are encouraged to discuss these problems with your colleagues, but you must write up your own solutions; the solutions you hand in should reflect your own work and understanding. Late problem sets will be penalized 10% per day late, unless an extension has been obtained from me or a TA before the due date. Announcement : The Midterm will be on Monday, October 17 at the usual class time and location. I will distribute a practise sheet containing more information and sample problems for
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Unformatted text preview: your consideration. Reading : Chapters 2 and 3 of Bernstein et al. 1. Bernstein et al, Chapter 3, problem 21. 2. Bernstein et al, Chapter 3, problem 24. 3. Bernstein et al, Chapter 3, problem 34. 4. Bernstein et al, Chapter 3, problem 37. 5. Imagine that you board a rocket which accelerates forever with a constant acceleration of 1g. How old will you be, and how quickly will you be travelling, when you reach the edge of the visible universe (about 45 billion light years away)? For the purposes of this problem you do not need to take into account the expansion of the universe, or the fact that the mass of the rocket must change in time. 1...
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