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Econ 210 - Assn 2-1-1 - Econ 210 Assn 2-1-1 Assignment 2-1...

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Econ 210 - Assn 2-1-1 Assignment 2-1 ECON 210
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Econ 210 - Assn 2-1-1 Dr Pepper Snapple Group Company Profile Who own Dr Pepper? A lot of people who I have talked to thought PepsiCo, Inc., but they would have been wrong. Dr Pepper is a non-alcoholic beverage company, owned by a company formerly called Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages. Cadbury Schweppes purchased the Dr Pepper/Seven Up Bottling Group, in 2006/2007. In Late 2007, Cadbury Schweppes formed the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, by demerged its beverage holdings, which operates on the North- American continent. The Dr Pepper Snapple Group is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under (DPS), and the company is a component of the S&P 500. There are 36 products of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group included: (In alphabetical order) "7 Up (United States, rights held by PepsiCo or its licensees in all other markets), A&W Root Beer, Cactus Cooler, Canada Dry (North America), Clamato, Country Time (Under license from Kraft Foods), Crush, Deja Blue Water, Diet Rite, Dr
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