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Humn210 - Assn 1-3 a. Nobody in the world today is really good. Yes, I have heard of good people, but not really good people. - Good statement. b. The world is not flat. Well if you look at a map it is. - in what point of view - bad statement. c. I will need an extended period of laborious cogitation to assimilate the missive. This doesn't make any sense - bad statement. d. The number 2 is odd. Are we talking odd, like odd and even, or odd, like strange. - bad statement. e. If you believe in evolution, then your ancestors were filthy apes.
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Unformatted text preview: Okay that's just narrow minded - bad statement. f. Some swans are black. This is true - good statement. g. If you are a human, then you are a person. If you are an individual, then you are alive. Good statement. h. The Surgeon General has determined that drinking is bad for pregnant women. Drinking what - bad statement. i. The world is flat. And because it is flat it is not carbonated. I have never heard of a soda called "The World" - bad statement. j. The world is flat. In what point of view - bad statement....
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