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MGMT 312 - Assn 3-1 Assignment 3-1 1. Looking at the competing values framework, I would say SAS represents the CLAN organizational culture. CEO Goodnight spends a lot of time and money focusing on the morale and development of his employees. With NO stockholders to satisfy, Goodnight can take company profits and invest the money back into very people that provided the profits, by providing on cite healthcare, an on cite gym, and all the other benefits of being a SAS employee. 2. I think the CEO, Mr. Goodnight, desires his employees to be happy about their work and where they work and for them to maintain a high moral. I think he desires SAS to have a CLAN organizational culture. 3. Of the 11 ways to embed organizational culture, I feel Physical design, gives the most freedom to its employees. Most employees can come in any time between 9 and 11, and because of all the perks, they stay for the day and work. Employees are happy and they maintain a high morale, which
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Unformatted text preview: keeps the turnover rate very low. 4. The CEO, Mr. Goodnight, wants to maintain more of an organic organization, with few rules and procedures. Employees have more control with flexible schedules, and no one monitoring sick days. 5. If you treat someone like a person and not a prisoner, you will typically get a better performing employee. There would be less to complain about and more work done, and people don't like being controlled. 1. If you work for a company with a different type of culture that does match your preference, it would cause conflicts with some people. Some of the consequences could be: low-morale, a high turnover employment rate, or low-performance in employees. 2. The internet is a wonderful tool people could use to detect a company's culture. You could also talk with HR before or after the interview to find out more about the company's culture. You could talk to current or former employees as well....
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