MGMT 312 - Assn 3-2 - Assignment 3-2 MGMT 312 Pete Barnard...

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Assignment 3-2 MGMT 312
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Pete Barnard - MGMT 312 - Assn 3-2 2 Organizational Change Organizational changes is a more steadily characteristic in organization’s structures. The one thing that remains the same is the consistent rotation of changes. As time progress, society and economics transform. Adjusting to change will enhance an organization’s plan to evolve with time. How does an organization adjust to restructure of their environment? A strong leadership is the answer, according to Kotter’s eight steps to change. The Office of Medicare Hearings & Appeals (OMHA) just recently underwent an office wide transformation. OMHA came into completion in May of 2003 in the efforts to provide adjudicative services to the public for Medicare disagree. Divided into four regional field office, each office were structured the same; an Administrative Law Judges, a legal team, and a docket department. The docket department received case files, and appeal requests for their respective region. With the exception of the Mid-Atlantic field office, each office services more the ten states. The docket departments processed over a 100 case files and appeals a week. Although, the offices were structure the same, over time each office began to establish their self identity. As a result there began to be a breakdown in the agency’s goals. In 2009, OMHA welcome their new Chief Judge, the equivalent of to a CEO. The new judge had a
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MGMT 312 - Assn 3-2 - Assignment 3-2 MGMT 312 Pete Barnard...

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