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MGMT 312 - Assn 5-2 - attitude towards company policies She...

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MGMT 312 - Assn 5-2 Assignment 5-2 a. Miguel was distracted by many things in the initial meeting. One major distraction was his attitude, or "oversized ego", other "noises", include his cell phone, the catalog he was looking at, his coffee cup, his excitement of his success, and pictures in the room. b. Miguel failed to demonstrate good eye contact, he leaned away from his supervisor, and slouched in his chair. The second meeting he sat up, took notes, asked questions, and listened to what he had to do to keep his job. c. In the initial meeting, Pilar was soft-spoken, not direct with her message, seemed like she lacked any confidence in what she had to say. It seemed like she didn't want to offend Miguel, or upset him over the mistakes that he made. What she should have done better was address what the main problem was, Miguel's
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Unformatted text preview: attitude towards company policies. She should of had more confidence in what she was trying to accomplish, stop looking away and make eye contact. She needs to learn how to become a stronger leader. d. Miguel sat up, took notes, and asked questions. b.b. Miguel also showed a lack of respect towards his supervisor. I would have had a hard time of not throwing him out of my office, if I was his supervisor, for his lack of discipline. Another things Pilar failed to mention in the initial meeting, was any type of consequences for not following her instructions. All she had to say was something like this, "If you keep going over budget, you will get kicked off of the account, and then get fired!" He might have paid attention to that statement, (but probably not)....
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