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Assignment 6-1 Apple Inc. Top Managers: Strategic control - are performed by top-level managers to make sure strategic plans are being performed and make any changes if needed. Example: CEO. Middle Managers: Tactical contro l - are performed by mid-level managers to make sure tactical plans are being performed at the divisional or department levels. Example: Division Head Manager. First-level Managers: Operational control - are performed by first-level supervisors or first-level managers to make sure day-to-day tasks or goals are being performed. Example: Department Head Manager. Apple Store Grand Central Opens Friday, December 9 ( Top-Level Managers - Makes the decision to open new Apple
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Unformatted text preview: retail stores and their locations. Mid-Level Managers- Oversees the construction and operations of the Apple retail stores. First-Level Managers- Runs the Apple retail stores. When Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple, he had complete control of the planning and goal setting of the company. Everything went though Steve Jobs, from the design of the iphone, even down to what food was served in the company cafeteria. Planning and control should be tied together for one good reason, financial stability to the company. If the same people who plan the fate of the company, have the control, it is a lot easier to stay within the company budget....
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