Chapter 3 Quizzes - Chapter 3 Social Responsibility Ethics...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3: Social Responsibility, Ethics, and the Marketing Environment TRUE/FALSE 1. ExxonMobil was fulfilling its philanthropic responsibility when it partnered with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to save the worlds remaining tigers by donating more than $11 million to establish the Save the Tiger Fund. ANS: T 2. The foundation for the pyramid of corporate social responsibility is economic responsibility. ANS: T 3. Morals are rules people develop as a result of cultural values and norms. ANS: T 4. Fortunately, most businesspeople have progressed beyond the self-centered and manipulative actions of preconventional morality. ANS: T 5. Many companies have found issuing a policy on ethical behavior is the only action necessary to ensure employees will comply with expected standards. ANS: F 6. When writing codes of ethics, businesses must ensure their codes deal with every possible situation. ANS: F 7. While a single firm cannot control the elements in the external environment, a firm can sometimes influence that environment. ANS: T 8. Marketers can control the external environment in which their organizations operate. ANS: F 9. Champion Lyte is a sugar-free sports drink designed to replenish electrolytes lost during activity or illness. Since the product was designed primarily for diabetics, health care professionals who treat diabetics would be the product's primary target market. ANS: F 10. Social factors in the marketing environment influence the products people buy, the prices paid for products, the effectiveness of specific promotions, and how, where, and when people expect to purchase products. ANS: T 11. Consumers today do not necessarily fit into traditional stereotypes, but may instead choose products and services that meet a variety of needs. Such diverse purchasing habits reflect component lifestyles. ANS: T 12. The phenomenon of working women has probably had a greater effect on marketing than has any other social change. ANS: T 13. Psychography is the study of people's vital statistics such as their ages and locations. ANS: F 14. Marketers can best reach Generation Y members through television and magazine advertising. ANS: F 15. Asian Americans, who represent less than 5 percent of the U.S. population, have the highest average income of all groups. ANS: T 16. Multiculturalism occurs when all major ethnic groups in an area are roughly equally represented. ANS: T 17. Inflation is a measure of the decrease in the value of money, expressed as the percentage reduction in value since the previous year. ANS: F 18. U.S. companies excel at applied research and are weak when it comes to basic research. ANS: F 19. Champion Lyte is a sugar-free sports drink. In developing the new product, its manufacturer thoroughly studied the legal restrictions on the drink's ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, and labeling and has abided by all such restrictions. In this way, the manufacturer of Champion Lyte drinks conducted its examination of all political and legal factors that might affect the product's marketing. Lyte drinks conducted its examination of all political and legal factors that might affect the product's marketing....
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Chapter 3 Quizzes - Chapter 3 Social Responsibility Ethics...

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