Heizer_9th Edition_Chapter_01_Example_Practice_Problems

Heizer_9th Edition_Chapter_01_Example_Practice_Problems -...

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Unformatted text preview: Practice Problems: Chapter 1, Operations and Productivity Problem 1: Mance Fraily, the Production Manager at Ralts Mills, can currently expect his operation to produce 1000 square yards of fabric for each ton of raw cotton. Each ton of raw cotton requires 5 labor hours to process. He believes that he can buy a better quality raw cotton, which will enable him to produce 1200 square yards per ton of raw cotton with the same labor hours. What will be the impact on productivity (measured in square yards per labor-hour) if he purchases the higher quality raw cotton? Problem 2: C. A. Ratchet, the local auto mechanic, finds that it usually takes him 2 hours to diagnose and fix a typical problem. What is his daily productivity (assume an 8 hour day)? Mr. Ratchet believes he can purchase a small computer trouble-shooting device, which will allow him to find and fix a problem in the incredible (at least to his customers!) time of 1 hour....
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Heizer_9th Edition_Chapter_01_Example_Practice_Problems -...

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