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3021 Fall 2011 Group Assignments Group 1 Group 7 Kyle Faucheux Christopher Clements Kirtley Jackson Sarah Grodsky Joshua Solite Torey Fernandez Michael Wintermute Jennifer Schexnayder Tyrus Kozinski Samantha Noggerath Group 2 Group 8 Macy Babin Thomas Senyard Ellen Green Michael Kelly Jared Greco Kendall Knoboloch Mary Butler Bradley Modenbach Michelle Massey Tracy Li Group 3 Group 9 Andrew Touchestone Andrew O'Dwyer Brian Chu Jennifer Baer Will Self Lauren Kavanaugh Stephen Breaud Tyler Pourciau
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Unformatted text preview: John Graham Louis Trocquet Group 4 Group 10 Natalie Wilson Rachel Young Jennifer Hendl Patricia Brackendorff Katie Morris Sean Cefalu Katie Fetterman Matthew Adams Raeven Pitcher Richard Barton Group 5 Group 11 Kelsey Wakeford Nick Rice Katie Mashburn Mark Williams Brian Broderick Adam Cain Austin Nowicki Evan Prange Victoria Timphony Montgomery Smith Group 6 Madalene Gladney Travis Carroll Rachel Klein Kevin Bohrer Hieu Vu...
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