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Chapter_6_Glossary - Chapter 6 Glossary aspirational...

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Chapter 6 Glossary aspirational reference group a group that someone would like to join attitude a learned tendency to respond consistently toward a given object belief an organized pattern of knowledge that an individual holds as true about his or her world cognitive dissonance inner tension that a consumer experiences after recognizing an inconsistency between behavior and values or opinions consumer behavior processes a consumer uses to make purchase decisions, as well as to use and dispose of purchased goods or services; also includes factors that influence purchase decisions and product use consumer decision-making process a five-step process used by consumers when buying goods or services culture the set of values, norms, attitudes, and other meaningful symbols that shape human behavior and the artifacts, or products, of that behavior as they are transmitted from one generation to the next evoked set (consideration set) a group of brands, resulting from an information search, from which a buyer can choose extensive decision making the most complex type of consumer decision making, used when buying an unfamiliar, expensive product or an infrequently bought item; requires use of several criteria for evaluating options and
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