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Chapter 9 Glossary behavioral targeting (BT) a form of observation marketing research that uses data mining coupled with identifying Web surfers by their IP addresses BehaviorScan a scanner-based research program that tracks the purchases of 3,000 households through store scanners in each research market central-location telephone (CLT) facility a specially designed phone room used to conduct telephone interviewing closed-ended question an interview question that asks the respondent to make a selection from a limited list of responses competitive intelligence (CI) an intelligence system that helps managers assess their competition and vendors in order to become more efficient and effective competitors computer-assisted personal interviewing an interviewing method in which the interviewer reads questions from a computer screen and enters the respondent’s data directly into the computer computer-assisted self-interviewing an interviewing method in which a mall interviewer intercepts and directs willing respondents to nearby computers where each respondent reads questions off a computer screen and directly keys his or her answers into a computer consumer-generated media (CGM) media that consumers generate and share among themselves convenience sample a form of nonprobability sample using respondents who are convenient or readily accessible to the researcher—for example, employees, friends, or relatives cross-tabulation
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Chapter_9_Glossary - Chapter 9 Glossary behavioral...

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