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Chapter_14_Glossary - Chapter 14 Glossary automatic...

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Chapter 14 Glossary automatic replenishment program a real-time inventory system that triggers shipments only when a good is sold to the end user business processes bundles of interconnected activities that stretch across firms in the supply chain customer relationship management (CRM) process allows companies to prioritize their marketing focus on different customer groups according to each group’s long-term value to the company or supply chain customer service management process presents a multi-company, unified response system to the customer whenever complaints, concerns, questions, or comments are voiced demand management process seeks to align supply and demand throughout the supply chain by anticipating customer requirements at each level and creating demand-related plans of action prior to actual customer purchasing behavior distribution resource planning (DRP) an inventory control system that manages the replenishment of goods from the manufacturer to the final consumer electronic data interchange (EDI) information technology that replaces the paper documents that usually accompany business
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