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Management Team Decision, Chapter 1 From sports to school to work to civic involvement, working in teams is increasingly part of our experience. But although working in teams is more and more common, making decisions as teams is not necessarily any easier. You will learn more about managing teams in Chapter 10, but to give you more experience with teamwork, a “Management Team Decision” exercise designed for a group of three to five students is included in each chapter. As a group, you must come to a mutually agreeable decision on the scenario presented. Each “Management Team Decision” will focus on a management topic presented in the chapter. For Chapter 1, you’ll work with management roles, as you decide whether to implement RFID at your airport. Baggage Claims—Is RFID the Ticket? What a trip! You’re exhausted from changing planes (three times because of cancellations) and trying to corral your colleagues as well as their luggage. And after all the cramped seats, complaining travelers, long lines, and marginal food, your team still hasn’t come to a decision about what do to—at your own airport. Last month, you and your management team from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport began discussing using radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags in the airport’s baggage-handling operations. Recent reports on lost luggage have caused more than a ripple of concern, with roughly one in every 150 U.S. passengers losing a bag in any given year. U.S. airlines spent an estimated $400 million to replace mishandled luggage in a recent year, yet passengers are regularly incensed that the airlines give only partial reimbursements for lost bags and belongings. The cost of lost luggage, however, is not just the $400 million in reimbursements. There’s the time and expense of staffing large customer-service departments to take complaints, process claims, track down and identify missing baggage, and deliver found bags to either the owner’s travel destination or home. Multiple deliveries are often made, as the
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MGMT_CH01_MTD - Management Team Decision Chapter 1 From...

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