The 1920s - 17:30 The 1920s Development of active and...

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17:30 The 1920s Development of active and healthy economy. Heightened sense of individualism. Highly energetic era. “Roaring Twenties” “Dollar  Decade” “Lawless Decade” The era, even more so than the Gilded Age, where the heart of America becomes big  business. Confident in big business. General feeling of discontinuity. A clean break of old traditions. Modernization begins. Confidence in modern technology; trains, radio, telephone. Republicans hold the presidency for the 20s. Warren Harding, “A return to normalcy,”  meaning a return to private industry. Herbert Hoover was Secretary of Commerce for Harding. His appointment symbolized  how wealth translated to political power. Andrew Mellon also appointed to cabinet, one of the wealthiest men in the country at the  time. 20% unemployment. Difficulty transitioning from war-time economy to post-war 
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The 1920s - 17:30 The 1920s Development of active and...

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