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1 301 Quiz 1 1. Which of these is WRONG? A: Cadmium: Cd B: Silicon: Si C: Germanium: Ge D: Tin : Sn E: Astatine: As 2. How many p-electrons have n=5 and m s =+½ for one of their quantum numbers? A: six B: five C: three D: ten E: two 301 Quiz 1 3. Element Z has a very low electron affinity and a very high first ionization energy. What kind of element is Z? A: lanthanide B: noble gas
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Unformatted text preview: C: alkalai metal D: halogen E: transition metal 301 Quiz 1 301 Quiz 1 4. Which of these statements is true ? A: Potassium is more reactive than cesium B: a tin atom is bigger than a lead atom C: Magnesium is an alkali metal D: The 1 st ionization energy of strontium is much lower than that of krypton E: Krypton is lighter (less dense) than air...
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