CH301 ALEKS setup

CH301 ALEKS setup - CH301 ALEKS setup THIS IS FOR THE...

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Unformatted text preview: CH301 ALEKS setup THIS IS FOR THE COURSE THAT RUNS THROUGH THE SUMMER 1 SEMESTER!!! PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A COMPLETELY SEPARATE COURSE TO THE CH301 PREP ALEKS ASSESSMENT THAT IS ASSIGNED BY THE DEAN'S OFFICE. EVEN THE ACCESS IS DIFFERENT! PLEASE go to and CREATE a NEW ACCOUNT. ALEKS will assign you a new login ID. You will also be asked for a student ID. YOUR STUDENT ID SHOULD BE YOUR EID. YOUR EID IS AN ALPHANUMERIC THING LIKE 'abd345'. NEVER use your SSN OR THE 16 DIGIT NUMBER FROM YOUR ID CARD!! (I never want to ever see an SSN on anything!!) The course code to use is MXYQC-3649C The course is NOT free so you will be asked at some point to purchase a $40 access code (its a subscription, basically) which you can do via credit card online. Instructions: 1. Create a NEW account. See above warning! 2. Enter the course code above. See the note about buying a $40 access code. 3. Sorry, but as the 301 PREP ALEKS cannot link to the 301 ALEKS, you will have to take another initial 3....
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