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Below is a list of some prerequisite knowledge and skills I expect you to have for this course. This list is most certainly not all-inclusive, but will give you a start at making sure you are prepared for class material. If this material is found in our text, you will see the location listed in parenthesis. At some points in the list I have listed reference sections and problems out of the following reference text, located in the Mallet library, Welch 2.132. Reference text: Whitten, Kenneth W., Davis, Raymond E. and M. Larry Peck. General Chemistry, Sixth Edition. Saunders College Publishing, 2000. ± The ability to do scientific notation and math with exponents. (Appendix 1.1) o Reference text discussion: p. 20 and Appendix A o Reference text practice problems: p. 42 #23, 24 ± A basic understanding of using logarithms (Appendix 1.2) ± Sufficient algebraic skills to be able to rearrange formulae, combine two formulae, and solve for unknowns ± Knowledge of metric prefixes (Appendix 2.1)
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