CH 301 CH 9 notes part 1

CH 301 CH 9 notes part 1 - CH301 Notes Chapter 9 part 1...

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CH301 Notes Chapter 9 part 1 Thermodynamics - study of the changes or transfers in energy accompanying chemical and physical processes. Will two (or more) substances react when mixed under specified conditions? What energy changes and transfers are associated with this? How far does the reaction occur? Things to think about: What happens when iron rusts? Why doesn’t iron ‘unrust?” A soft metal and a green gas react violently to from a stable (relatively) harmless white crystalline solid. Why does the reverse not occur? Why do two gases (separated by a valve) mix when the valve is opened? Why don’t they ‘unmix?’ What happens if you just put hydrogen and oxygen in a balloon? Thermodynamics shows that SOME processes only occur in ONE direction by themselves. It does NOT show how fast they happen!!! Thermodynamic Terms system: region of interest, or, substances involved in the chemical and physical changes. In lab, its the chemicals inside the beaker. surroundings: environment around the system - where observations are made. system + surroundings = universe . Types of Systems: depends on how energy and/or matter is exchanged with surroundings: OPEN: exchange energy & matter (Example: human body) CLOSED: exchange energy only. (Example: sealed ice pack) ISOLATED: NO exchange (energy or matter) (Example: Thermos flask with rigid lid) ALL MATH IS DONE FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF THE SYSTEM!!!! See below for details.
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CH 301 CH 9 notes part 1 - CH301 Notes Chapter 9 part 1...

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