Course Syllabus 301 90830 Summer 2011 v3

Course Syllabus 301 90830 Summer 2011 v3 - CH 301...

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CH 301 Principles of Chemistry, 90830 Part 1, Summer 2011 Instructor : Dr. Sara Sutcliffe Class Time : MTWThF 8:30AM- 10:00AM in WEL 1.316 Office Hours : MTWThF 10.00 AM- 11:00AM (starting in the classroom, moving to my office!) Office : WEL 5.238 Telephone : 471-4544. If you want to leave a message, it's better to email me ! E-mail : [email protected] When emailing Dr. Sutcliffe include your first and last name and EID - this helps a lot. Please do NOT call either Dr. Sutcliffe OR your TA's at home. EVER ! Teaching Assistant: Scott Grimes TBA email [email protected] Office Hours: M 3-4pm, T & W 1-2pm in cubicle A outside our classroom. TBA will be your primary contact with regard to exam regrades. Always include your first and last name, EID and the version number of the exam AND YOUR CLASS UNIQUE in your emails tothem . Official Course Text: Steven S. Zumdahl, Chemical Principles (6 th edition e-book), Houghton Mifflin. This is also the book for CH302. Frequent reference will be made to figures/data in this book. The e-book has extra features like short videos, pre and post chapter quizzes, and pop-up quizzes that you might like to try. The pre chapter test then suggests which areas you need to study the most. You will also get a loose leaf black and white printed version which you may like to bring relevant parts of to class. If you choose to get a used book, the figures and text are the same but you won't get the online content. It's your choice! Course Webpages: Blackboard: You are expected to check this regularly for any announcements. See Blackboard for how to access the e-book. Homework Server: QUEST: Homework will be given via the server. Grades for all assignments except the 301 ALEKS (see later- if you decide to do this - it is NOT the mandatory preparatory version) will be stored there. Chapters Covered in this course and their Order: Fundamentals: Chapters 2 & 3,4 (not covered in class) UNIT 1: The Atom: Chapter 12 UNIT 2: Bonding: Chapters 13 & 14 UNIT 3: Gases, Liquids, Solids: Chapters 5 & 16 (not all of 16) UNIT 4: Thermodynamics: Chapters 9 & 10 Grading for the Course: (assignment details later) Grades for the course will be determined as follows: Class Exams (60%) 4 exams drop the 1 lowest score Final Exam** (30%) Cumulative QUEST Homework (5%) assigned weekly, drop the 1 lowest. On Web. CH 301 ALEKS (5%)* Ten deadline scores. Lowest 2 dropped. On Web Clicker Quizzes (5%) Number TBD; 1 will be dropped. IGNORE ANY calculations of overall grade on Quest. It will likely show a lower value than this! This sums to 105%, because the clicker OR ALEKS OR QUEST scores will be BONUS points. *This is NOT the Prep for General Chem ALEKS that you should have been working on this summer.
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This note was uploaded on 02/12/2012 for the course CH 301 taught by Professor Fakhreddine/lyon during the Summer '07 term at University of Texas.

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Course Syllabus 301 90830 Summer 2011 v3 - CH 301...

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