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Unformatted text preview: South Pasadena - AP Chemistry 3-Molecules and Compounds !0 IL)- What is the formula of the ionic compound fomted between Mg and Br? Me)” 95" a) MgBr d) Mgzlirz b) Mngr e) Mg28r3 c) MgBr-i What is the formula of the ionic compound formed between and P'i’c/ “P5, became 0-9 (423 a) Catng d) CazP ifs-'41P? ‘5“ e r. 0) Caspto What is the name of the $032— ion? muncm 5a a) sulfate b) nitrate sulfite What is the correct formula and charge for the d) sulfur trioxide e) hydrogen sulfate ehromate ion? W "MOI/t 3 ~2- 3) 0042‘ d) Cr207- 1?) 004‘ e) Cr3+ c) 03073— Whieh one of the following elements forms ions with two different valences? @imn Fe}? Fe?”- d) fluorine a) calcium b) arsenic The correct name for CC [4 is b . Act in.) mm mm Cow; cm (A a) carbon(l) chloride b) carbon chloride (6)} carbon tetrachloride d) monocarbon eltloride(lV) e) carboehlorinate Name Q41 Period Da / / PRACTICE TEST 7. The correct formula for hydrogen telluride is W 7:2" HTe c) H,Tc ’P b) Jo d) tire2 «Ft/6w cask: 6‘» 0" RM! 8. The correct formula for dinitrogen tetroxide is “L 0‘4 8) N02 d) N03- @ N204 c) (N20): e) N205 9. The correct name for S;Cl2 is ‘ ' it how :11 2:333:23: M «o A CewucPoum c) sulfurfll) chloride @ disulfurdiehloridc c) sulfur chloride 10. The correct name form “3?. is Q); hydrogen phosphide b) trihydrogen phosphide c) hydmgen phosphate d) phosphorus trihydride c) hydrogen triphosphate l 1. The molar mass of (NH.)2S is closest to: a) 50 g/mol c) 68 glmol E) 82 g/tnol d) [00 g/mol w“ NzHes am) » so) + 31 2' e 8 12. How many atoms are in [2 molecules of glucose, Céfllgoé? C—(pHI‘LO‘; # 2H aloud a) 24 c) 2160 ® 288 a) 7.22 x 1024 m mce‘bw) I 2H Mom | “Met LLE :- l3. Calculate the number of atoms in 4.0 x l0“ g of aluminum. C5D 8-9 x I0" c) 6.5 x lo=° b) 4.6 3: I0" d) 3.8 x I0” 4:0 $165541! lmfi All“ (ooancz’oJuMJ .273 41 {me/ll l4. Which of the following samples contains the smallest number of atoms? a) lgll2 loud lgO, ‘ig’filmfl b) lgO2 3'29 w gCl2 ’11 ghoul um bets-7 Noam. WM SJ ‘DN‘EL (by IS. What is the mass of one molecule of octane, Imbal’c 8’01)» t8 = W CsHls? a) ll4g c) l.10xlo~22g @139»: m-22 g (1)4323: lo-23 g l6. What is the percent nitrogen (by mass) in ammonium carbonate, (NH4)2CO3? IS. A compound consists of the following elements by weight percent: W (00’ carbon - 40.0%3 ,, g3. '- 3.3 3 oxygen - 53.3% #4.. - 3- 3.3 hydrogen - 6.7% . 332:.» (0- 7 The ratio of carbon : oxygen : liy‘drogelt in the empirical formula is a) l:2:l b) hi :I d) 2 1:2 [ MDT-R '- (anion/{(512 19. An organic compound which has lhe empirical formula CHO has a molar mass of232. lts molecular formula is: ‘ a) CHO c) CJ'I.O,. b) 091,0, @Ecalp8 (1+ mo: lzrl L to z 10' Jun/20: = 8 20. When CaSO‘-y H10 is heated. all of the water is driven off. if 34.0 g ofCaSO‘ a) 14.53% @39.l6% [molar mass= 136] is formed from 43.0g b) 27.83% (1) 33.34% of CaSO.-y ",0. what is the value of y? ram». wattage; a) I c)3 2% ® 2 d) 4 CW Woo 0043 C4307 % = 17. Of the following, the only empirical formula is ‘ \ . p l A)’ Nap: fl/Hzcz ’3 q 3 HLO K Tlé — /b)"N2"4 @HNFz cl Answers: I. c 6. c ll. c l6. c 2. e 7. b l2. b I7. d 3. c 8. b IS. a I8. c 4. a 9. d 14. d l9. d 5. e 10. a 15. b 20. b ...
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apch03_practest10_ans - South Pasadena - AP Chemistry...

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