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apch03_quickcheck1 -  List the 7 diatomic elements ...

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South Pasadena AP Chemistry Name ____________________________________ Period ___ Date ___/___/___ 3 Molecules and Compounds Q U I C K C H E C K # 1 Try these problems. If you can DO them, check the box ( ). If you CANNOT do them, write some notes TO YOURSELF about what you need to study to succeed at these problems.
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Unformatted text preview:  List the 7 diatomic elements  Name the following compounds (which of these are empirical formulas?) Hg 2 I 2 PCl 3 SO 3 NH 4 NO 3  Fill in this chart: Name Cation Anion Formula magnesium phosphate silver sulfide aluminum hydroxide  Calculate the percent composition of NH 4 NO 3 N H O...
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