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Unformatted text preview: South Pasadena ~ AP Chemistry Name g fist-co— Period Date _/_/_ 1 oMatter and Measurement PRACTICE TEST 4. The number of significant digits in 0.30500 is 1. How many significant digits are . a) 1 d) 4 present in the 3.? 3 21.5. b) 2 5 temperature read " v c) 3 from the thermometer 5. A box measures cm cm. The 3 S- F. illustrated to the product of these numbers = 10.2025 cmz. What right? > is the proper way to report the area of the box? a) l b) 2 ® 3 d) 4 a) 10.20 cm2 c) 10 cm'2 @ 10.2 cm2 d) 10. cm2 2. The dimensions of a rectangular solid are 8.00 it 5F 3 S F 3t { cm long, 4.00 cm wide, and 2.00 cm high. If 6. The result of 2.350 x (4.0 + 6.311) is, " _‘t_-_0,_____. the density of the solid is 10.0 g/cm3, what is its a 24 c) 24.21 3‘ ( mass? Vu€= “‘0 ' ‘+= (4‘1- 0 on} kw 24.2 d) 24.205 3 SF. 3) 10/64 grams d) 320 grams 7 B: ‘T’gtfidg‘ z} '9’ ‘- b) 10.0 grams @ 640 grams<$3r1 67-8 A student does a calculation using her c) 64.0 grams calculator and the number 28027163 is shown (D‘f .0 wby ; bqo- 3' on the display. If there arc: actually three 3. A metal sample weighfng30.9232 grams was significant figures, how should she show the added to a graduated cylinder containing 23.26 final answer? mL of water. The volume of water plus the a) 280 L SF ,d')’ 2.80 x 10'2 :3. v 0 180 sample was 24.85 mL. Which setup will result hymns ‘t 8" 2.80 x 102 in the density of this metal? ,9)“ 280.27 S SF 0 t. a") 8’0. Lao-14 21) 30.9232 x (24.85-23.26) he 3 SF- \ 30.9232 V x: 24.5 8. The term that refers to the reproducibility of a m ’fl laboratory measurement is 24.85 _ 23.26 I . 5 C1 precision c) accuracy C) b) repeatability d) exactness D = n .. 33312 24.85 V 2433' It“) . . . d) 30.9232 x 23.26 ( 9. Which measurement below 15 NOT written with three significant digits? 6) 30.9232 ,ir)/2.00 cm @0003 L 1 5t Q. 3} ‘c t o o 10. The number 6.33 x 102 equals, a) 6.33 6}) 633 b) 0.633 d) 0.0633 11. All the following are characteristic properties of phosphorus. Which m is a chemical property? ff Both red phosphorus and white phosphorus exist in solid allotropic forms. M he red form megs at about 600°C and the white form mgltgat 44°C. We white form is soluble in liquid carbon —-—-—- disulfide, but is insoluble in water. When exposed to air, white phosphorus will burn spontaneously, but red phosphorus will not. 12. Classify each observation as a physical or a chemical property and tally them. Observation 1: Bubbles form on a piece of W Observation 2: The _c2l_g_r of a crystalline V WU substance is yellow. 11415 Observation 3: A shiny metal 1% at 650°C. prservation 4: The d_e_ns’it3wf a solution is 1.84 g/cm3 a) 2 chemical properties and 2 physical metal when it is dropped into acid. properties b) 3 chemical properties and 1 physical properties. 1 chemical properties and 3 physical properties d) 4 chemical properties e) 4 physical properties 13. ChrOmatography is a good way to separate the 21) elements in a compound @ the components in a mixture c) the atoms in an element (1) the phases of a pure substance 14. When a pure solid substance was heated, a .-____—__——‘ student obtained another solid and a gals. each of which was a pure substance. From this .__—_————.g information which of the following statements is ALWAYS a correct conclusion? 4 . . . . W‘ at" The original solid is not an element. aw: )r)’ Both products are elements. 7, Mu KThe original solid is a compound and the gas is an element. MM 5" F—————-— m he original solid is an elmfit and the gas is a compound. ,efi’Both products are compounds. WW1 ‘14 15. The prefix “milli-"“ corresponds to what multiplication factor? a) 10'6 7 d) 103 Iuio @ 10‘ e) 106 M14 c) 10‘ ? 16. A solution of sugar water may be defined as a a) heterogeneous mixture homogeneous mixture c) heterogeneous compound Loo” Lila: on Phil-Se. d) homogeneous compound e) homogeneous element I7. “Wafting” is the proper technique for Answers: (Please use CAPITAL letters) a) neutralizing a spilled acid. b) putting out burning clothing. c) washing chemicals from the eye. smelling a chemical substance. e) observing the color of a chemical. 18. You measure the density of a slab of lead as 11.10 g/mL. The accepted value is 11.34 g/mL. The percent error for your measur ment is L we 2.1% c) 3.7% Net-:10 u. b 2.467 d 5.10/ ) 0 ) o :7..tlb‘( (7- S.F. ) 19. Which one of the following elements _i_s correctly matched with its symbol? a) Ag, golf $31.9“ Ni, nickel 6;; Fl, fluorine F'- M" F1 “W d)Mg,n1a.n.gme‘§e mart: iv“ e) H, helium He. § MM 7,..— 20. The marks on the following target represent someone who is: a) accurate, but not precise. b) precise, but not accurate. c) both accurate and precise. neither accurate nor precise. Mi'iflxdt. not, as: “A. (JOSC 82:52:22 ...
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apch01_practest07_ans - South Pasadena ~ AP Chemistry Name...

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