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South Pasadena • AP Chemistry Name __________________________________ Period ___ Date ___/___/___ C H E M I C A L & P H Y S I C A L We want to make sense of four terms: chemical properties, physical properties, chemical changes, and physical changes. Sometimes, it is easier to look at examples of these terms before we construct definitions. Physical Chemical Changes Properties Cut out the statements on the other page. As a group, decide into which category each statement belongs. Copy the statements into the boxes above. Be able to justify your answers. Definitions: Physical Chemical Changes Properties
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Instructions: Work with a partner (or two). Cut out these terms and organize them into four groups:
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Unformatted text preview: Physical Changes Chemical Changes Physical Properties Chemical Properties Color Reacts with acid Ice melting Evaporating alcohol Density Temperature Paper burning Electrolysis of water Alka Seltzer tablet in water Length Grinding chalk to dust Burns in air Changes litmus blue (or red) Mass Etching glass with acid Chopping lettuce for salad Weight Thermal conductivity Cutting your fingernails Mixing red & blue food colors Malleability Soda foaming when shaken Vinegar+baking soda foaming Water boiling Decomposes when heated Discolors in air (like apples) Brittleness Electrical conductivity Solubility in oil Solubility in water...
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apch01_chemphys - Physical Changes Chemical Changes...

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