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South Pasadena AP Chemistry [Keep for Reference] 1 Matter and Measurement M A T H S K I L L S I assumed that you are coming into this class with various scientific / mathematical skills: Metric System You know the metric system. You know the meaning of the metric prefixes, kilo-, centi-, and milli-. You know that there are other metric prefixes and can look them up if needed (micro, mega, pico, etc.) You can convert one measurement into another (e.g., 0.532 cg = ______ mg). You can convert squared or cubed units (e.g., knowing that 2.54 cm = 1 inch, 38.5 in 2 = _____ cm 2 ). Dimensional Analysis & Showing Your Work When you convert one unit to another, you can show your work using dimensional analysis or unit analysis. You know that good examples of dimensional analysis are changing metric units, converting time units, or using density to convert mass to volume or volume to mass. You know that you should always show enough work so that if your answer is incorrect, I can tell where
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