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Jeremy Roh Langford English IV AP Block 6 March 26 2007 Crime and Punishment Questions Part I 1. At first glance Raskolnikov seems to be a troubled youth with no direction in life. He seems to be occupied with the impending murder he is about to commit. He repeats many of his thoughts and jumbles his ideas into a mess so the reader gets the idea that he is thinking much faster then he can actually comprehend. His thoughts reflect his health. He is actually not ill in any way but he is not in the best physical condition one could be in. He is poor and indebted to the pawn broker who is the target of his murder scheme. He also lives very poorly in a cramped apartment space that is much smaller than any human should be subjugated to live in. Raskolnikov is a disturbed and crazed college student who is planning to murder a woman who has no use in society. 2. Raskolnikov first goes to see the pawnbroker in order to pawn some things so that he can pay his bills and other things that cost money. He chooses this ugly woman as his target for murder because she apparently has no use in society. He first think of this idea to kill her when he first meets her and his desire to murder her is echoed in the conversation between a student and an officer. The student talks about how it would be great if someone killed the old woman because of her detestable nature.
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When Raskolnikov first meets Marmeladov he seems somewhat hesitant to talk to the man but finds it easy to start a conversation with him because of Marmeladov’s eagerness in telling Raskolnikov his story. As he hears his story he feels sympathy for him and eventually gives his family money that Raskolnikov cannot afford to offer. Marmeladov is a civil service worker that has been laid off because of his constant drinking problems. He also explains that he has been laid off in the past because of changes in the office. He speaks of his wife Katerina Ivanova who tries to take care of their children. He also explains how his daughter Sonya is forced to prostitution in order to take care of her family. Marmeladov drinks due to the afflictions in his life that constantly bring guilt to him such as the prostitution of his daughter. 4. Alyona Ivanova and Lizaveta are sisters. Alyona is the pawnbroker who is ugly, old, and useless to the society. Lizaveta is quite the opposite being good-natured and pretty. Both are murdered by Raskolnikov even though only Alyona Ivanova was the target. Lizaveta dies because she is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Katerina Ivanova is the wife of Marmeladov. She comes from a good background and family that gave her a good education. She married Marmeladov and takes care of their children to the best of her abilities. Sonya is the daughter of Marmeladov. She has taken up prostitution in order to pay for the families bills, even her father’s drinking problems. Lebezaianikov is the man that lives in the same building in the Marmeladovs and also is a friend of Luzhin who is a lawyer. Luzhin is engaged to Dunya and offers to support Raskolnikov’s family and
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CandP questions - Jeremy Roh Langford English IV AP Block 6...

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