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Syllabus K.L. Chui Coordinator and Lecturer 376 Little Hall 352-392-0281 ext. 231 FAX 352-392-8357 [email protected] LECTURES & DISCUSSIONS : Students will be in one of the 3 lecture times stated in the „Lecturer & Instructors‟ and one of the discussion periods you are registered (go to „ISIS‟ or you may find out the time and location of your discussion by going to the math dept. website , click on „course‟, click on „spring‟ 2012 in the drop down box). The lecture provides the main presentation of course material, and will follow as closely as possible the calendar and lecture outline provided in this guide. Attendance in lecture is required. You are responsible for learning lecture material missed due to an excused absence. Students may print out the lecture notes outline from Sakai or purchase a copy of the outline at Target Copy Centers on West University Avenue. Note: The outline and other documents posted on the course home page and on Sakai are in PDF format which requires that you have the Acrobat Reader on your computer. You may download the latest version through . DISCUSSION SECTIONS : Each student is assigned a discussion section, which meets once a week on Tuesday or Thursday. This required discussion section is a small section and provide an opportunity for open discussions of assigned homework problems and the lecture material. Attendance in both the discussion and the lecture is required . However, one period per week is generally not adequate to answer all questions; be sure to take advantage of the office hours for additional help. Your main resource person is your TA who is a graduate student in the math department. He or she is available during office hours (or by appointment) to answer your questions about the course. Your TA is responsible for recording all quiz, homework and test scores. If you have concerns about your discussion class which cannot be handled by your TA please contact the course coordinator. OFFICE HOURS : Both your TA and your instructor will hold regular office hours weekly to be posted on the course home page. You do not need to make an appointment to come to the scheduled office hours. If you have class conflict and can not make any of the posted hours, please make appointments with us.
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Remember, your TA, who holds three regular office hours weekly, is your first contact person in this course. The purpose of the office hours is to cover difficult problems or clarify concepts covered in class. They are not for re-teaching material due to absence. In a large lecture course like this, please utilize your TA‟s office hours and your instructor‟s office hours. We welcome students to come to office hours. Note : Office phone may only be viable during office hours. We are not able to call students back, especially when they are out-of-town numbers.
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Syllabus - Syllabus K.L Chui Coordinator and Lecturer 376...

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