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GP - Notes - Ch. 4 - Chapter 4 Sensation and Perception...

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Chapter 4 Sensation and Perception George Straton Asked “What if everything wasn’t the same?” Invented goggles that turned everything backwards, everything upside-down. Wore goggles for 8 days Brain adjusted after 5 days Told us that seeing the world isn’t enough. Sensation Process of detecting, converting, and transmitting raw sensory information from the external and internal environments to the brain. Perception Process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting sensory information into meaningful patterns. Processing Our five senses have special receptors which detect and transmit sensory information Vision Light waves Rods and cones Audition Sound waves Pressure sensitive hair cells Olfaction Molecules dissolved in nose mucus membranes Neurons in nose’s olfactory epithelium Gustation Molecules dissolved on tongue Taste buds Body senses Variety of stimuli Variety of receptors Two ways to process information Bottom-up Processing Information processing beginning at the bottom with raw sensory data that is then sent up to the brain. Top-down Processing Information processing starting at the top with higher level cognitive process and then working down.
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Four forms of processing Sensory Detection Eyes, ears, and other sense organs containing receptor cells detect and process sensory information. Transduction Converting a receptor’s energy into neural impulses that are sent to the brain. Coding Converting sensory inputs into different sensations Processes that purposefully reduce amount of stimuli Sensory Reduction Filtering and analyzing incoming sensations before sending a neural message to the cortex. Reticular formation sends information to the cortex.
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GP - Notes - Ch. 4 - Chapter 4 Sensation and Perception...

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