10-09-16 - Notes on Afghanistan

10-09-16 - Notes on Afghanistan - Afghan-Russo War North of...

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Afghan-Russo War North of Afghanistan (Mazar-e Sharif) has Uzbek and Turkik speakers (around 10%). North is more economically developed. There is natural gas, mining, a small industrial working class on which the Soviet Union exerted economic and political influence. There was a greater technical and political development in the north. In the central region of Afghanistan, Dari is spoken. It is a persian language – as to Iranian Persian as English to Britsh English. These also exist in the north. They are divided by dialect, tribe, and religion. The Tajiks are in the east and west and tend to be Sunnis. In the center the Hazaras are Shiite, they are looked down upon by the rest of Afghanistan. The Kite Runner In southeast and southwest, there are the Pushtuns (there are different spellings due to lack of standardization). They speak their own language, and soldiers trained in Arabic cannot speak with Pushtuns. The Pushtuns make up much of the insurgency – (about 42% of the population). They’re the high-prestige group of Afghanistan and have the most political weight. Most people in Afghanistan were nomadic for much of Afghan history. This was to do with bad land – low rainfall, mountains which covered in snow. Pasture comes on a seasonal basis in patches. Much of the land is not good for agriculture. Pastoral nomads are natural cavalry due to knowledge of territory, and skill with weaponry. The Durrani dynasty came to power with the support of Pashtun nomads – lasted from 1747 to 1973. It ended by Mohammad Da’ud Kan overthrowing it and creating a modernizing dictatorship. It was a modernization FROM ABOVE, which often does not work.
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10-09-16 - Notes on Afghanistan - Afghan-Russo War North of...

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