10-09-23 - Iran-Iraq War

10-09-23 - Iran-Iraq War - Iran-Iraq War It has been...

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Iran-Iraq War It has been suggested that due to Iraq’s position – surrounded by bigger, more populous countries – it is like the Germany of the Middle East. Iraq gets about 2.5 million oil and exports about 1.8 Iran exports 2.3 Saudi Arabia drills 9 and exports 7 million Iraq was awarded to the British by the League of Nations after WWII as a class A mandate. They created a new monarchy which they gave to the Hashemites (kicked out of Syria by the French) under Faisal. 2500 individuals owned 55% of Iraq’s private land in 1958. 80% of the population were landless peasants. There was a lot of social strife, and both Nationalism and Communism arose. In 1958, Abdel Karim Qasim led a military coup. The monarchy lost legitimacy in 1956 when France, Britain, and Israel joined forces to take down Nasser and Nationalism. The coup was half military, half popular. Abdel Karim Qasim carried out land reform, and there was a huge growth of the middle class in the cities. The Baath Party had a number of tenets: nationalism, “socialism,” and an appeal to youth in the 1950s. The US did not like Abdel Karim Qasim – he threatened to nationalize oil production. When he first made his cabinet, he excluded the communists. When there was a 100,000 person demonstration in favor of them, he allowed them into his cabinet. That crossed the line for the US. The CIA infiltrated the officer corps through the Baath party. It is very clear that they knew the coup was coming, though it isn’t clear if they were actively involved (they probably were,
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10-09-23 - Iran-Iraq War - Iran-Iraq War It has been...

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