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10-09-30 - The Gulf War 2

10-09-30 - The Gulf War 2 - Iraqi army was one of the most...

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Iraqi army was one of the most advanced in the region US military was worried about another land war in Asia. Cent–com (central command) is the Middle–Eastern command. The army claimed that Iraq could be pushed out of Kuwait through airpower. It wasn’t true. The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff wanted a limited war (Powell?), but Cheney wanted 100,000. Powell asked for 250,000 men, in order to permit a flanking move against Iraq. From November to December, the Democrats resisted war. Saddam Hussein resisted sanctions, strengthening US hawks. The Gulf War WOULD NOT have happened had the USSR been in its prime. The fall of the USSR gave the US unipolarity status. UN asked for Iraqi withdrawal by January 15 th , 1991. Saddam rejected this. Iraq sent scud missiles at Israel in an effort to get Israel into the war. In February, Saddam offered to withdraw in a month. The US demanded a week. The US ended moving in. Cole claims it was a
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